About Me

Hi! I’m David. I am a lifelong learner obsessed with learning complex systems, how to break them into their component parts, and how to reintegrate them. I am an AWS cloud training architect with A Cloud Guru, where I author courses to help learners around the globe achieve cloud certifications and build deep skills around the AWS cloud. While I’m not at work, I like to play tabletop games and spend time outside!


Some History

  • I am the middle of three brothers, born and raised in Columbus Ohio.
  • My parents met singing opera in New York, I grew up surrounded by music.
  • I first got into board games by beating my family at Monopoly repeatedly. I was the only one patient enough to finish a game.
  • My favorite video games growing up were Super Smash Bros. Melee and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.
  • At 16, I began participating in my high school’s FIRST Robotics competition as an engineer and driver. I also volunteered with the team for two years following graduation in 2009.
  • I played baseball through high school, where I (very marginally) helped the Whetstone Braves win the city championship in 2009
  • My favorite board game of all time is Agricola, a worker placement game by Uwe Rosenberg that I received as a birthday gift from my older brother
  • I initially went to college to become a math teacher. I am now fortunate to get to teach abstract concepts as a training architect.
  • My first job after college was as a Board Game Sommelier and Manager at Kingmakers Boardgame Parlor, where I had the rules sets to over 165 games memorized to a teachable degree.
  • I did not decide to get into Computer Science until I was 23 years old, when I began self-teaching Ruby and C# through online courses and in-person classes at Columbus State Community College.
  • During the COVID pandemic, I picked up an avid love for Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

I like

  • Gardening
  • Singing
  • Hiking
  • Dogs (you can find my boy Oliver somewhere on the site)
  • Cooking
  • Books
  • Board Games

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